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What is the difference between counseling and therapy?


Good question! There isn't a difference. Mental health counseling and mental health therapy (also called talk therapy and psychotherapy) are essentially different terms used to describe the same thing and are often used interchangeably.

What clients do you work with?


I work with adolescents ages 15-17, adults ages 18+, and couples.  I specialize in working with clients experiencing anxiety, burnout, trauma, and relationship concerns.

Do you offer Christian counseling?


I personally identify as a Christian, and am able to integrate Christian faith into the therapy process upon client request.


Do you offer in-person appointments?


Yes!  I currently offer in-person appointments in Mesa, AZ.  For clients in Michigan or other parts of Arizona, I offer telehealth appointments.  Check out the Online Therapy page for more information about how online therapy works and whether it might work well for you.

How do I know if the anxiety or burnout or relationship issues that I am experiencing/have experienced are "bad enough" for me to go to therapy? 


If you're asking this question, you are not alone - I hear this question often.  If you are experiencing any distress related to anxiety, burnout, or your relationship - your experience is valid.  Period, full stop.  There are many reasons that we stop to question whether what we are experiencing is real or true – but regardless of those, you are worthy of receiving support to address your concerns.  You are worthy of being heard and being seen.  You are worthy of feeling whole and well. 

How long will I need to go to therapy?


Length of therapy varies depending on the treatment needs and specific goals of each client.  We can discuss what this might look like for you at your first appointment.

I don't live in Arizona or Michigan.  Can I still schedule appointments for therapy with you?


I am currently licensed to provide therapy in Arizona and Michigan.  I am only able to work with clients who are physically present in either Arizona or Michigan at the time of our therapy session.


Do you provide information regarding HIPAA and Good Faith Estimate?
Absolutely! You can find Rest + Renew's information about HIPAA and the Good Faith Estimate here.

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