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Find patterns and themes in your relationship in couples therapy

Couples Therapy

The stereotypes we hold about couples therapy can be rough.  It seems like couples therapy is the reference made when a couple is trying to decide whether or not they should stay together or when they are in crisis.  To be clear - those can be fantastic times to use couples therapy.  But they are NOT the ONLY times that couples therapy can be helpful. 


You don’t need to use couples therapy as a ‘last resort’; in fact, its often most beneficial outside of a crisis situation.


I work with couples who know that something isn’t quite right in their relationship, and are committed to figuring out how to best love one another and move forward together. 


The couples I work with are often experiencing these types of things:

  • When you try to resolve an issue, the problem seems to have gotten bigger by the end of the conversation


  • You know that you both love each other, but you wish it felt more enjoyable to be together


  • You keep trying to communicate how you feel and what you need, but it keeps feeling like your partner isn’t understanding you


  • It feels like there is a glass wall between you and your partner – you can see each other, but you can’t quite make contact

  • You are confident that you and your partner are committed to this relationship, but you can’t figure out how to connect with each other the way you used to


  • You walk away from conversations with your partner wishing you could take back some of the things you said

  • No matter how you and your partner try to connect,  you seem to keep missing each other

  • You’re willing to do whatever it takes to make this relationship work, but you aren’t sure what effort or work is going to be most helpful

If any aspects of this list sound similar to your relationship right now, couples therapy may be a helpful option. 


Reach out to me to schedule a free 10 minute phone consultation and we can discuss what therapy might look like for you and your partner.

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