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Find a calm space to handle burnout


It seems like the word "burnout" is everywhere these days. 


Burnout is common - no one is immune to burnout - but just because burnout is common, it doesn't have to be normal or ok or tolerable for you to continue living with.

Common signs of burnout include:

  • Feeling uncomfortable even considering seeking help for burnout, because YOU are supposed to be the one that helps others

  • Comparing your own stress to the experiences of the individuals you are working with on a daily basis (ie: “I should be able to handle this, it’s not as bad as….”)

  • Frequently thinking through worst case scenarios and crisis management in your personal life

  • Feeling numb to emotions

  • Not wanting to talk about your job with anyone in your personal life in order to protect them from the things you see and hear at work

  • Often wondering if there is anything good or productive happening in the world

  • Thinking about leaving your profession in order to survive, even though you love the work that you do

  • Feeling like no matter what you do to help, it doesn’t seem to be enough

If parts (or all) of this list sound familiar to you – you may be experiencing burnout. 


I have helped numerous clients find ways to manage their burnout so that they can continue working in the jobs that they love.  Contact me to schedule a 10 minute phone consultation, and we can talk about how you can take steps toward experiencing relief.

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